What is a Kerbstone Paint?

Kerbstone paint is one of the most demanding paints as it plays a vital role in road safety. It is a specialized paint used for the kerbstones.

What are kerbstones?

A kerbstone, also called a curbstone, is a raised edge of stone or concrete that separates the street from the pavement or sidewalk. 

Kerbstones serve a number of important functions, consisting of:

  • Providing a physical barrier between the road and the pavement: This enables you to save your vehicles from straying onto the pavement and colliding with pedestrians.
  • Directing rainwater far from the street and pavement: Kerbstones help to collect rainwater and direct it into drains, which allows to save direct water flow. 
  • Strengthening the pavement: Kerbstones offer aid for the pavement and help to prevent it from sinking or cracking.
  • Improving protection: Kerbstones can help to enhance protection by way of making it less complicated for drivers and pedestrians to look at where the road ends and the pavement starts,
kerbstone paint
kerbstone paint done by TSS

What are Kerbstones made of?

Kerbstones can be made from a variety of substances, which includes granite, limestone, concrete, and plastic. Concrete kerbstones are the most not unusual type, as they’re long-lasting and comparatively cheaper.


You can witness kerbstones at various places such as: 

1. On highways and roads

Kerbstones are used to split the street from the shoulders and medians. This prevents vehicles from straying off the street and colliding with different automobiles or gadgets.

2. In city areas

Kerbstones are used to separate the street from the pavement and sidewalks. This helps to defend pedestrians from site visitors and to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

3. In parking masses 

Kerbstones are used to outline parking areas and to save your automobiles from colliding with each other.


Kerbstone paint is a specialized sort of paint that is designed to be applied to concrete kerbstones. It is typically made from a blend of chlorinated rubber and alkyd emulsions.

Features of Kerbstone paints

Here are some of the features of kerbstone paint:

1. Excellent adhesion to concrete

Kerbstone paint has an excessively stable content, which gives it extraordinary adhesion to concrete surfaces. This is vital due to the fact kerbstones are regularly uncovered to plenty of site visitors and weathering, and the paint wishes as a way to resist these conditions.

2. High resistance to abrasion and wear

Kerbstone paint is likewise very resistant to abrasion and wear. This is vital due to the fact kerbstones are regularly subjected to quite a few foot and vehicle site visitors.

3. Good UV balance

Kerbstone paint is likewise immune to UV radiation, which allows it to guard it from fading and peeling.

4. Wide range of colors

Kerbstone paint is available in a huge variety of colors, which permits it for use to create a variety of visible results

Kerbstone paint is typically used to enhance the visibility of kerbstones, make them extra aesthetically fascinating, and protect them from the factors. It is normally used on highways, bridges, city streets, pedestrian streets, or even groups.


Here are some of the advantages of the use of kerbstone paint:

Improved safety: Kerbstone paint could make kerbstones extra visible to drivers and pedestrians, which may help to enhance protection.

Reduced maintenance prices: Kerbstone paint can help to extend the lifespan of kerbstones, which can save money on protection prices.

Improved aesthetics: Kerbstone paint may be used to create a greater visually attractive appearance for kerbstones.

Overall, kerbstone paint is a versatile and powerful product that may be used to enhance the protection, lifespan, and aesthetics of kerbstones.

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