Thermoplastic Convex Road Marking Paint

Product Description

Roadex is the pioneer in introducing thermoplastic convex marking paint in Pakistan conforming to BS 3262: Part 1/1989 standard. The product is formulated with special material to form raised blocks/ribs after application. These raised ribs/blocks formation provide the safety feature by producing an audio-tactile warning to driver swaying out of their lane along with excellent reflection properties at night in wet conditions.

Technical Data

Conforming to British Standard (BS) 3262
Color Range White & Yellow
Application Temperature 180°C to 200°C
Maximum Safe Heating 230°C
Softening Point 85°C minimum
Density 1.9-2.0 (g/cm3)
Luminance 80% minimum
Loss Factor 5% maximum
Skid Resistance (BPN) 55% minimum
Flow resistance 2% maximum
Gradation of mineral content RTA T855 Pass
Glass bead content 20% (w/w) minimum
Abrasion resistance 0.6 g/100 revolutions maximum
Flash Point @ °C 230°C minimum
Packs available 25 kg
Component One component

Surface Preparation

Ensure that the area where line marking is to be done is clean and free from all dirt, dust, grease, oil, loosely adhered and all other surface contamination. If any mold or fungus is present on the surface, wash it with a commercial bleaching agent and then rinse with clean water. Allow the surface to dry completely before application.

Flammability & Transport

Non-Flammable. Ensure bags are properly stacked and the container is secured in the vehicles for transport.

Safety & Precautions

Do not apply in environment having high humidity, moisture or pending rain possibility. Apply in calm and fine weather conditions. Cease application if weather changes are forecast. Check color with the color chart/standard prior to application. Provide adequate ventilation during use. Apply a test sample for compatibility of this product over a small test area. Keep out of reach of children.