Roadex Thermoplastic Paint (TP)

Product Description

Roadex is a brand of Road Marking Paint Manufacturers and Suppliers. Providing Thermoplastic Paint (TP Paint), is a high quality road marking material based on hydrocarbon and natural resin, which gives strong weather and wear resistance. The product provides excellent adhesion and its thicker film gives long life than any other road paint. Roadex Thermoplastic Paint (TP Paint) is manufactured conforming to specification AASHTO 249 and BS 3262: Part 1/1989.

Technical Data

Conforming to British Standard (BS) 3262
Color White Yellow
Density 1.94 1.97
Flash Point >230°C >230°C
Softening Point >65°C >65°C
Drying Time 4 minutes at 30°C 4 minutes at 30°C
Pigment Type Titanium dioxide Lead Chromate
Binder 18-22% by weight 18-22% by weight
Luminance Factor More than 70% More than 60%
Mixing Ratio Not applicable Not applicable
Coverage 3.5 kg/sqm at 1.5 mm thickness 3.5 kg/sqm at 1.5 mm thickness
Solvent Cleaner Not applicable Not applicable
Finish Uniform Uniform
Application By Screed/Spray Machine By Screed/Spray Machine
Glass Beads (Premix) 20% by weight 20% by weight
Packing 25 kg 25 kg

Application Method

1. Asphalt surface must be dry, free from dust, oil and loose materials.

2. Roadex thermoplastic paint can be applied by screed application at 190°C ± 10°C and spray application at 210°C ± 10°C. Special marking can be applied manually.

3. Roadex TP is heated at 190°C ± 10°C in a pre-heater (Boiler).

4. Roadex TP bags are to be put into the boiler one by one, so the material is melted and mixed properly. The material is allowed to mix for few minutes at temperature of 180°C ± 10°C to give flow able viscosity, before shifting it to application machine.

5. Spray glass beads over the fresh hot marking @ 400-500 gm/sqm.

Storage & Packaging

Packing available in 25 kg HDPE bags. Store under dry, shaded place to attain minimum shelf life of 12 months.

Safety & Precautions

Avoid contact with skin, eyes or inhalation while handling material. Use protective clothing, gloves, masks, goggles etc. to avoid burn. No smoking, no flame, or sparking near the kettle. Environmentally safe No VOC.